Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (NIV)


Jerome is the first visionary for this cause and he has left here some gems about what Matthew 25:40 is all about..

Alright, I’m corny but I also have a big vision in Matthew 25 40.

What is Matthew 25:40 well, “Matthew 25:40 is a restaurant in form of a social enterprise, with the sole aim to reinvest 100% of its profits into servicing the homeless community and those most vulnerable. In doing this we strive to help those that are ‘in need’ gain back their independence. (cool, right?)

Why did I decide to do this? If I had to pin a point on it, when I used to go out clubbing with the boys, I used to have cash in my pocket that I would plan to spend on drink or overpriced food and walk past homeless people, in a truly sad state. Soooo in my fancies,  I would run to Tesco or whatever and buy a ‘Meal Deal’ and an extra chocolate bar, regardless. I guess I just never understood how some could have so much yet some could have so little. To be fair I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before.

Who am I? Well, I guess you will understand a little about me every time I post. But, I’m working with my kid brother, he is the PR and all-around cool guy. Along with my long-term friend, he is one the most intelligent and compassionate men I know; he is responsible for the social element of Matthew.

Everything that I write on this blog is based on my real experiences whilst setting up this wonderful venture. I will try to capture the true essence of what being a young, black, inexperienced social entrepreneur goes through. *

The views within this blog is not a representation of Matthew 25:40 CIC * “

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